Presidio remodel


The original compartmentalized, 3 story, 2,600 square foot home was completely remodeled on the interior to incorporate new additions off the back of the home and a new fourth floor vertical addition to take advantage of downtown & bay views.  The now 3,900 square foot home takes advantage of an open floor plan with a 4 story open stair that has a cascading light fixture that runs the full height of the home.

The exterior of the home’s design was updated to include integral color stucco, slate roof, new doors and windows and glass railing systems

The existing 3 story, 2,600 square foot residence located on a narrow lot had a compartmentalized floor plan, claustrophobic stairway and mundane look from the exterior.  The remodel/addition included a complete removal of all the interior walls, the addition of a new central open stair, complete 1 story addition, rear yard addition and the exterior facades that were completely updated.  New design features included an open modern floor plan with a lot of natural light, a sculptural central stairway and a spacious family kitchen and terrace.