Founded by John Dorr and Ryann Marlowe in 1990, DomA Architects, Inc. has a proven track record of over 75 custom residential projects and a combined 50 years of experience with designing homes of distinction.

Our approach combines; design integrity, our client’s programmatic needs; a personal one-on-one approach, and our emphasis on detail.

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John Dorr

John earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1984 from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  After five years with as Director of Design for the Berkus Group Architects in Washington D.C., John moved to San Francisco, joining the architectural practice of Hill Architects as Senior Designer.

John then joined San Francisco’s David S. Gast & Associates, an architectural firm specializing in custom residential design.  He quickly assumed a leadership position, became a Principal of the firm and directed the primary design decisions and managed production staff.

As President of the firm, John is the primary design force and inspiration of DomA Architects, Inc.

Ryann Marlowe
Chief Executive Officer

A native of San Francisco, Ryann earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1990 from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.  She completed metalwork classes at the San Francisco Art Institute, while working for Aaron G. Green, F.A.I.A. & Associates, specializing in residential design.

Early in her career, Ryann designed and fabricated metalwork installations for wineries, stores and residences throughout the Bay Area.  This early interest in metalwork, design and hands-on fabrication gave her experience as a project designer and creative team leader.  Ryann then joined David S. Gast and Associates, where she worked with John Dorr, establishing the base of excellence that led to the creation of DomA Architects, Inc.

As Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Ryann provides leadership and inspiration to the company and manages DomA’s financial health.